Middle-European Buiatrics Congress

„Future perspectives for buiatrics”

As part of the XXI Middle-European Buiatrics Congress,

the ECSRHM Annual Conference and General Meeting will be held

ECSRHM Annual Conference and General Meeting

Olsztyn, Poland 19-22.05.2022

Information for ECSRHM diplomates and residents

The ECSRHM Conference and General Meeting will be held as part of the XXI Middle European Buiatrics Congress in Hotel Anders, Stare Jabłonki in the north-eastern part of Poland – the Masurian Lake District, near the city of Olsztyn.

This region of Poland is known not only for its beautiful landscapes with many lakes, but also for its history. Visiting Olsztyn, we will learn a lot about Poles and Germans who lived here in the past, as well as about … Copernicus, who spent a large part of his life in Olsztyn. The history of this part of Poland is certainly interesting and unique!

Together with the organizing committee of the XXI Middle European Buiatrics Congress, we invite all of you to Masurian Lake District!

Hotel booking

Hotel booking should be done according to the information provided on the XXI Middle European Buiatrics Congress website.

Please note that the number of rooms in the hotel where the conference will be held (conference venue – Hotel Anders) is limited.

Please make room reservations as soon as possible! Taking the above into account we encourage you to book double rooms for two persons.

In case of any problems, please contact directly appropiate hotels (we are not responsible for these matters).



ECSRHM conference participants register for the XXI Middle European Buiatrics Congress according to the information provided on the XXI Middle European Buiatrics Congress website.

In case of any problems, please contact directly the organizers of the XXI Middle European Buiatrics Congress: dominika.wysocka@uwm.edu.pl (we are not responsible for these matters).

Abstracts submission


Abstracts should be prepared in accordance with the information provided on the XXI Middle European Buiatrics Congress website.

Abstracts should be sent to: jaroslaw_kaba@sggw.edu.pl with the confirmation of the bank transfer of appropiate congress fee. Please indicate „ECSRHM abstract” in the subject of the e-mail.

In case of any problems, please contact directly jaroslaw_kaba@sggw.edu.pl

Registration fee

All ECSRHM conference participants should pay the XXI Middle European Buiatrics Congress registration fee. The registration fee includes: admission to scientific sessions (including ECSRHM Conference and General Meeting) and poster area, congress proceedings, welcome party (19.05.2022), dinner (20.05.2022), gala dinner, (21.05.2022), coffee brakes and lunches.

It is possible to reach the congress venue at Hotel Anders in Stare Jabłonki on your own. The nearest international airports to Stare Jabłonki are:

  • Olsztyn-Mazury Airport in Szymany, 90 km from Stare Jabłonki, very bad connection to congress venue
  • Lech Walensa Airport in Gdansk, 150 km from Stare Jabłonki, bus connection from center of Gadańsk to Ostróda (www.flixbus.pl)
  • Warsaw – Modlin Airport in Modlin, 180 km from Stare Jabłonki, direct bus connection from airport to Ostróda (www.flixbus.pl)
  • Frederic Chopin Airport in Warsaw, 220 km from Stare Jabłonki, direc bus connection from airport to Ostróda (www.flixbus.pl)

Flixbus bus ticket prices are very reasonable! Please check the details at www.flixbus.pl.

Hotel Anders in Stare Jabłonki is located 11 km from Ostróda and can be reached from Ostróda by taxi or by train.

There is a train station in Stare Jabłonki. The station is located 10 minutes walk from the Anders hotel. The station is connected to Olszyn and Ostróda.

ECSRHM diplomates and residents participating in ECSRHM Conference and General Meeting can purchase an additional optional ECSRHM package which consists of:

  • transfer by bus on 19.05.2022 in the afternoon from F. Chopin Airport in Warsaw and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Warsaw to Warsaw-Modlin Airport continuing to the congress venue
  • all-day ECSRHM goats-sheep tour on 20.05.2022
  • transfer by bus on 22.05.2022 in the morning from the congress venue to the Warsaw-Modlin Airport and F. Chopin Airport in Warsaw.


If the participants travel to the conference on their own and do not use the ECSRHM package, they only pay the Buiatrics Congress fee (please do not pay in such case the ECSRHM package!). Unfortunately, it is not possible to partially use the ECSRHM package.

Conference fee before April, 17th

Buiatrics Congresss feeECSRHM packageTotal
Participant1 450 PLN800 PLN2 250 PLN
Student725 PLN800 PLN1 525 PLN
Accompanying person725 PLN800 PLN1 525 PLN

Conference fee after April, 17th

Buiatrics Congress feeECSRHM packageTotal
Participant1 800 PLN800 PLN2 600 PLN
Student1 130 PLN800 PLN1 930 PLN
Accompanying person1 130 PLN800 PLN1 930 PLN

Fees for the congress and the ECSRHM package should be made in PLN by bank transfer to the bank account indicated on the XXI Middle-European Buiatrics Congress (the account number will be provided soon).
When completing the bank transfer form, please add a comment, respectively, „Buiatrics Congress” or „Buiatrics Congress + ECSRHM package”.

If you need any additional information please contact: jaroslaw_kaba@sggw.edu.pl.

Contact persons for matters related to the ECSRHM Annual Conference and General Meeting

Jarosław Kaba e-mail: jaroslaw_kaba@sggw.edu.pl


Marcin Mickiewicz e-mail: marcin_mickiewicz@sggw.edu.pl

Adrian-Valentin Potârniche e-mail: potarniche.adrian@gmail.com

Michał Czopowicz e-mail: michal_czopowicz@sggw.edu.pl

ECSRHM package

Please note!
We kindly ask all ECSRHM package holders to send to Adrian-Valentin Potârniche e-mail: potarniche.adrian@gmail.com as soon as possible information about the times and airport of theirs arrival and departure.

As we organize the bus transers we will try to adjust the exact times of the bus departure from Warsaw and back from Stare Jabłonki to your flight connections.

We will inform you about the final departure times of the bus as soon as we know all your arrivals and departures details.



19.05.2022 (Thursday) – arrivals

At the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, we will prepare a room where participants who arrive early will be able to wait. They can also leave their luggage and individually travel to visit the city (each person on their own, not included in the cost of the package). Transfer from the airport to the Faculty by public bus (each person on their own, not included in the cost of the package).

The participants who arrive earlier (between 11.30 and 14.10) are encouraged to go to the Veterinary Faculty (SGGW) to drop off their luggage. People who decide to visit the city should be aware that they must be back at the Veterinary Faculty by 16.30!. The address of the University is Nowoursynowska 159, building 22, first floor, room 120. From Chopin airport to the University there is a direct bus, no.148. Buses depart every 15-20 minutes. You need to get off at the bus station SGGW-Klinika. The duration of the route is about 30 minutes.

16.00 Transfer by bus from the F. Chopin Airport to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Warsaw and Warsaw Modlin Airport and continuing to Hotel Anders Stare Jabłonki

From 16.00 Adrian (with ECSRHM logo poster) will be waiting at the Okęcie airport arrivals hall at the Costa Coffee cafe and the bus will leave as soon as the last conference participants arrive (app. 16.40-16.50).

16.30 Transfer by bus from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Warsaw to Warsaw Modlin Airport and continuing to Hotel Anders Stare Jabłonki

This is approximate time but please be at 16.30 in Veterinary Medicine Faculty – building of Clinic for Small Animals Nowoursynowska street 159C room 120, first floor, the room is for your disposal all day.

17.30 Transfer from Warsaw Modlin Airport to Hotel Anders Stare Jabłonki (app. 180 km drive, app. 2:30 hours)

This is approximate time, please wait in the airport building and show up in front of the building when our bus arrives.

16.00-19.00 (21.00) Registration of participants

18.00-21.00 Buffet dinner in Hotel Anders Stare Jabłonki

21.00-2.00 Night club, bowling

20.05.2022 (Friday) – ECSRHM goats-sheep tour

8.00 departure from the hotel Anders Stare Jabłonki

8.00-9.00 bus transfer Hotel Anders Stare Jabłonki – Kierzliny

9.00-10.30 visit to the farm of Helena Wróblewska in Kierzliny, a herd of approx. 300 dairy goats, snack (local goat cheeses)

10.30-11.30 bus transfer Kierzliny – Komalwy

11.30-14.00 visit to the farm of Katarzyna Malicka in Komalwy, a flock of approx. 500 sheep of the local breed (Kamieniecka sheep), snack (grill, local food and drinks)

14.00-15.00 bus transfer Komalwy – Olsztyn

15.00-18.00 Olsztyn – guided city tour

18.00-18.30 bus transfer Olsztyn – Hotel Anders Stare Jabłonki

19.00-24.00 – Barbecue dinner by the bonfire, open air

24.00-3.00 – Night club, bowling

21.05.2022 (Saturday) – conference

Middle-European Buiatrics Congress

ECSRHM Annual Conference

8.30-16.00 Oral presentations

  1. Multiple-sire mating in sheep N. Ossowski, J. Wilkens, C. Mendel, D. Seichter, I. Ruß, A. Wehrend, G. Thaller                       
  2. Ewe colostrum quality on Welsh farms in 2021 P. Pagea, R. Sampsona, K. Phillipsa, G. Sherwinb, F. Lovattab                          
  3. Kid health and mortality on southern German dairy goat farms V. Balasopoulou, M. Kalic, Y. Zablotski, H. Zerbe, K. Voigt
  4. Work in an EU-approved AI-station for sheep and goats N. Ossowski, J. Meilwes, N. von Keyserlingk-Eberius, M. Ganter
  5. Analysis of pH and electrolytes in blood and ruminal fluid, including kidney function tests, in sheep undergoing general anaesthesia L. Grimm, M. Ganter
  6. Preanalytical errors on Zinc concentrations during specimen collection and handling E. Humann-Ziehank, C. Wolf, S. Schüler, K. Gerst
  7. Effects of free grazing of common ragwort (Senecio jacobaea l.) on sheep’s health S. Ohlsen, S. Aboling, P. Wohlsein, A. Huckauf, N. Lenzewski, M. Ganter                 
  8. Performances of a concentrate and straw feeding system in commercial dairy sheep and goat farms J.M. Bello, G. Arroyo, F. Marqués, D. Llobregat, G. González, A.R. Mantecón, P. Lavin
  9. The potential effects of climate change on the incidence of tick-borne diseases in lambs in northern Europe, highlight the need for new strategies in prophylaxis against tick-borne fever  E. Georg Bø-Granquist
  10. Occurrence of benzimidazole resistant Haemonchus contortus in Norwegian sheep, detected by droplet digital PCR M. Gravdal, I. Woolsey, L. Robertson, J. Höglund, C. Chartier, S. Stuen
  11. Field efficacy of anthelmintic treatments on sheep and goat farms in Germany K. Voigt, M. Geiger, Y. Zablotski, M. Scheuerle, G. Knubben-Schweizer                   
  12. Comparison of two anaerobic methods of faecal sample storage for in vitro diagnostics of anthelmintic resistance M. Mickiewicz, A.V. Potarniche, M. Czopowicz, Z. Nowek, A. Moroz, K. Biernacka, O. Szaluś-Jordanow, I. Markowska-Daniel, J. Kaba               
  13. Fasciola hepatica infection in goats in Poland Z. Nowek, M. Mickiewicz, M. Czopowicz, A. Moroz, K. Biernacka, O. Szaluś-Jordanow, J. Bonecka, F. Pankowski, I. Markowska-Daniel, J. Kaba
  14. Collation and analysis of existing UK-wide surveillance data to improve understanding and management of sheep scab E. Geddes, S. Mohr, S. Burgess, V. Busin
  15. Therapeutic effects of different antibiotics to treat ovine anaplasmosis in fattening lambs H. Ruiz, P. Cano, A. Ortín, M. Ruiz de Arcaute, S. Villanueva, A. Estrada, J.M. González, A.A. Benito, D. Lacasta
  16. Clostridium perfringens type D enterotoxaemia in newborn lambs C. Ersdal, Ø. Salvesen
  17. Trends of Coxiella burnetii shedding of dairy goats after vaccination, and contamination of animal facilities B.U. Bauer, C. Schoneberg, T. L. Herms, M. Runge, M. Ganter               
  18. Expression of APP genes in the mammary gland of dairy goats with symptomatic SRLV infection – preliminary results E. Bagnicka, A. Szprynca, D. Urbańska, E. Kawecka-Grochocka, M. Czopowicz, M. Mickiewicz, J. Kaba                     
  19. Longitudinal changes in the serology of antibodies to naturally maedi-visna infected dairy ewes and their association with the development of arthritis A.I. Kalogianni, I. Bossis, I. Bouzalas, A. I. Gelasakis                        
  20. Seroprevalence of SRLV infection in Romanian dairy goat herds based on bulk-tank milk testing A.V. Potarniche, M. Czopowicz, M. Mickiewicz, A. Moroz, C. Cerbu, D. Olah, E. Ungureanu, M. Spinu, J. Kaba                  
  21. CAE-RAPID – new concept of rapid diagnostics of small ruminant lentivirus infection in goats M.  Czopowicz, G. Bertoni,  C. Abril, L. Ózsvári, S. Petkevicius, S. Stuen, M. Samojlenko, A. Moroz, M. Mickiewicz, J. Kaba                     
  22. CAE-RAPID – genetic diversity of small ruminant lentivirus in Polish goat population A. Moroz, K. Biernacka, M. Czopowicz, M. Mickiewicz, C. Abril, G. Bertoni, L. Ózsvári, S. Petkevicius, S. Stuen,  M. Samojlenko, J. Kaba               
  23. CAE RAPID – the long and rocky road from the isolation of small ruminant lentiviruses to the establishment of a diagnostic ELISA M. Samoilenko, E. De Martin, C. Lehmann, A. Golomingi, C. Abril,  A. Moroz, M. Mickiewicz, M. Czopowicz, J. Kaba, G. Bertoni


  1. Small ruminants lentivirus infection in the region of Trás-os-Montes, Portugal – preliminary results J. Ferreira, A.C. Coelho, A. Grau Vila, O. Mínguez González, D. Lacasta, R. Valentim, H. Quintas
  2. Seroprevalence of caprine arthritis- encephalitis virus infection in Lithuania P. Klibavičė, J. Raibikis, A. Šalomskas, T. Kupčinskas, S. Petkevičius


16.30-18.30 ECSRHM General Meeting

20.30-2.30 Gala dinner

22.05.2022 (Sunday) – departures

8.00 transfer by bus from Hotel Anders Stare Jabłonki to Warsaw Modlin Airport and continuing to F. Chopin Airport in Warsaw (app. 230 km, 3:30 hours).